Commercial portrait photography is a genre of photography used to capture the likenesses of people for use in advertising and other commercial contexts. It typically involves using lighting and posing techniques to create a flattering subject image.

Commercial portrait photography can make a business lucrative with high-quality image advertising. There is a high demand for portraits that look good in advertising campaigns and other commercial settings. Photographers who specialize in this genre often have a keen eye for lighting, composition, posing, and knowledge of digital editing tools that can be used to enhance the final image.

Commercially, portrait photography is used everywhere, from businesses advertising their products or services with “people shots” to annual reports and even by insurance companies. You can find commercial portrait photographers working in a studio, on-location, or both. Different businesses will have different needs for their photographs, but most will want images that capture the likeness of the person or people in the shot and show some form of emotion.

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